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Origins are always part of what identifies us, which shows our present. I want you to know me better. I present you my story.

I’m Carlos, a Spaniard from Valencia who started very early, and knows what the hard work is like. What was the discipline of adults to whom nobody gave them anything. My father was the great example to follow. My mentor, my point of reference, my dear support.

The circumstances of life, and a little prioritizing other subject to the studies resulted in an architectural career to a half-way to do. But my passion for it continued to grow, to this day.

I was a premature businessman. During adolescence, I set up my first professional tile laying company. But at nineteen, I went to Germany for a long year. The reason was simple. At that time there was a lot of construction due to the union of East Germany and West Germany. Thus, it was a great opportunity to continue working and, consequently, learning from my work and a language that would serve me in the future without even knowing it.

My professional life was growing and evolving, and me along with it. A constant learning and an open mentality to the future of companies to meet their needs. Converting my failures, because there were some, into learning, and strengths converted into an opportunity to be a great professional.


I arrived in Mallorca with those young people twenty-one years old and with a maturity forged by the life I was living. I set up another tiling company with my brother. An arduous work that allowed me to return to my beloved native Valencia to start again. Another learning of a life that, without a doubt, I decided on in my premature age.

A tiler company but the 2008 crisis wreaked havoc. It made us kiss the cold mud and taste the bitter taste of defeat. Although it served also as learning. It made us more resilient, of course, but we couldn’t avoid the emotional wounds. We realized the vulnerability of our existence, but also the strength to move forward.

My life hadn’t been easy, certainly, but there were times when work matched perfectly with the economy it generated and allowed us to be calm and live well. I am aware that many people have decided to stop trying. I understand them. And above all, I respect it. But I am one of those nonconformists that in bad times, I like to reinvent myself. So it was.

January 1, 2012 was a decisive day. A before and after in my life. A jump to the most absolute risk that made me leave my life behind. A life that gave me a lot, took away a lot, and made me learn a lot more.


The decision was quick. Very, very fast. In less than 15 days later, on January 16 of that same year, my brother and I were planted in that beautiful, hard but generous Switzerland. With an open door to evolve as professionals in the field of tiling. Predisposed to learn a language foreign to us, that would open doors for us. With all the predisposition to be better people, to help companies to meet their needs, and their desires.

Since then, life has been giving me gifts in the form of people, and constant learning. I live in Switzerland since 2012. It certainly wasn’t easy. To change your home to build a new life in a country that isn’t your native land.

Plattenleger Denadet

But time, and my decisions, have been putting everything I have in proper place. Forming a family in this wonderful Switzerland to which I have so much to thank for. Working for companies in this country where discipline, good work and professionalism, are a common denominator factor.

Thanks to everyone who is part of my life today. And you, who read it, welcome. Make yourself at home. Your house.